Beginner’s Guide to Car Insurance and Quotes

Car insurance and car ownership are almost synonymous in the United States because of the high likelihood that a driver will be involved in at least one accident throughout his or her life. In fact, nearly every state requires at least some form of insurance. However, navigating through endless advertising about car insurance quotes Woodbridge VA and coverage types can be confusing and overwhelming. Below you will find the basics of car insurance and quotes to help you better understand both concepts before you sign on with an insurance company.

Car Insurance Basics

In its most basic form, car insurance is a guarantee to a consumer by an insurance agency that promises to pay for some, most or all of the damages after an auto accident in exchange for a monthly fee. The cost of the monthly fee and the amount of coverage provided depend on a variety of factors.

Each state has a different minimum requirement for each of the different forms of coverage, but you can always pay a higher deductible or premium in exchange for more coverage if you choose. Your deductible is an amount that you pay the insurance company after an accident before they pay the rest. A premium is a monthly or annual fee you pay the insurance company for year-round coverage. If you opt to pay a higher deductible, your monthly premium will likely go down, and vice versa.

Getting a Car Insurance Quote

A car insurance quote is essentially an estimate of your monthly premium given to you by an insurance agency based on factors from the personal information you provide in a survey. What is most important to remember when filling out forms for insurance quotes is that the more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate your quotes will be. If you provide inaccurate information on your vehicle or driving history to get a better quote, for example, expect to see a much different price presented to you once the actual details have been verified by the company.

Getting a good quote on your insurance may seem overwhelming at first, but by providing accurate details and shopping around before making a decision, you may find that it is easier than you think.