Questions to ask when buying used motorcycle

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While buying a used motorcycle, buyers have to pay more attention to details like a state of two-wheelers, authenticity of the seller and its two wheeler insurance. You need to ask the following questions while buying used motorcycle to the seller:

Do you have a Registration certificate?

RC book is the registration paper of the vehicle with the Indian Government. Your seller is obliged you to provide the RC book after the purchase. When the seller handovers you the RC book, you need to verify the details on it.

If the previous owner has taken funds from the bank to buy a bike, the RC contains a bank’s seal on it. In such cases, you will need to submit NOC from the bank stating clarification of the debt along with an attested and stamped copy of form 35 by the bank.

Does the bike have its PUC?

Another important document regarding motorcycle is Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate that needs to be provided to you by the seller if the bike is older than 6 months.

What are the necessary documents required for the procedure of ownership transfer?

To transfer the ownership of a motorcycle, the seller needs to submit the following forms to the RTO where the vehicle is registered.

  • Form No. 28: No Objection Certificate for the transfer of the vehicle.
  • Form no. 29: The intimations to the RTO to start the process of ownership transfer.
  • Form no. 29: A report of ownership transfer.

Along with them, RTO requires basic documents confirming the name and address of both, buyer and seller along with photographs.

Can you provide me with the details regarding two wheeler insurance policy?

In India, vehicle insurance is compulsory for the registration with RTO. When you buy a used bike, your seller has to hand over you the original policy documents for the bike along with an intimation addressed to the insurer for transfer of policy on your name. The seller has to provide you with all the details of the history of paid road tax, which also needs to submit at RTO.

If insurance for your bike is expired, you can buy new insurance by providing relevant documents. There are many well-designed policies are available in the market which you can find on the company website. Select a suitable plan and purchase two wheeler insurance online.

How was your history with the bike?

At the time of buying new insurance for a used bike, your insurer may ask you the information regarding the history of the bike and previous owner. It will include questions like his usage, driving skills and accidents.

Having own motorcycle is an amazing feeling, whether it is new or used. You need to be more careful while purchasing a used one. The above question will definitely help you but do not forget to take a test ride before asking them.