How To Improve Diesel Engine Performance

Diesel engines have long been valued for their efficiency, utility and longevity. Because of this, they are used in various types of vehicles and apparatuses. Most of the big rigs that transport food and raw materials across the country are powered by diesel engines. They also have the added benefit of getting better mileage than gasoline engines. Like typical engines, however, diesel engines can be tweaked to get better performance and more power. Though not necessary, you may want to move forward with the improvement changes. Let’s take a look at a few ways to do this.

Improve The Air Flow

One of the basic ways to improve an engine’s performance is by improving the airflow into the engine. More air equals more power. Adding an air intake kit accomplishes this in two ways. First, the kit introduces more are into the engine which naturally increases the power output. It draws cooler air from outside the engine chamber during this process which increases power output even more.

Upgrade The Exhaust System

More horsepower requires an upgraded exhaust system to effectively handle it. Upgraded exhaust system meant to adapt to greater horsepower are designed for performance more than noise reduction. This means fewer turns, more power and better exhaust flow.

Upgrade The Fuel Injectors

Diesel fuel contains air at certain temperatures. In the short term, this can decrease engine efficiency and power. Over time this can damage fuel injectors. Replacing these worn injectors with upgraded new ones will increase the power output and performance of the engine. You can also implement the Airdog fuel pressure gauge and pump to eliminate air and vapor while improving performance.

These are but a few of the means available to increase the efficiency and power of diesel engines. Adding a turbocharger and reprogramming or replacing the engines ECM is also an available option to increase power output. These engines are built to last. With these modifications and regular maintenance, your diesel engine will be able to exceed all of your performance expectations for years to come.