Signs of Structural Damage on a Vehicle

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If you’re buying a used car and don’t know if it has been involved in a collision, you may be worried about structural damage to the vehicle. A car that has a bent frame is a serious matter; therefore, you should make every effort to determine the exact condition of a vehicle. Here are some signs that a vehicle has structural damage.

Poor Door Alignment

When looking for frame damage on a vehicle, one of the first things you should check is door alignment. If any of the doors seem to catch or have difficulty closing smoothly, this could be a sign that the vehicle has suffered some kind of damage to the frame. Fortunately, frame straightening Lakewood CO is possible when performed by a trained technician. If you’re unsure if a frame on a vehicle is compromised, take the car to an auto body shop. A skilled professional will be able to inspect it with diagnostic equipment. They are also skilled at visually looking at and identifying these types of issues.

Bending Under the Vehicle

Another good way to check for structural damage is to climb under the vehicle. Some frame damage may be harder to see than others; however, if you’re able to get under the car and check out the frame, you may be able to see bending of the frame if the damage is significant.

Worn Exterior

All cars experience wear and tear but a vehicle that has been in an accident and has significant rusting or cracks should be inspected for frame damage. Structural damage can lower the safety and performance of a vehicle. If left unfixed, structural damage may even cause mechanical problems later on.

If you want to find out if there is structural damage to a vehicle, check the exterior, doors and under the car. Try to obtain an accurate history of the vehicle as well. Finally, you can take a car to an auto body shop for a more detailed inspection.