As Your Child Grows, So Do Your Responsibilities

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Before you became a parent, you probably had the most anxiety about infancy. This fear is natural since children need assistance with everything at that stage. They cannot eat alone, take care of their bodily functions or even hold up their own heads. As your child grows older, new challenges arise.


By the time your child is three or four, you must start exploring options for education. You must choose between public and private schools in Redmond WA as well as alternatives like homeschooling. Each type of education has its advantages based on your career, family life and finances. Start looking at different schools early enough that you can carefully weigh your choices and make an informed decision about what is best for your child.

Social Activities

Children need to be involved in their communities in order to develop healthily. Your schedule and budget will dictate how many activities they can join. However, try to keep your child in at least one activity, such as a sport, musical group or other clubs. Homeschooling parents should put a particular emphasis on extracurricular activities since their children do not automatically interact with other children on a daily basis.

Developing Ethics

When your child is a toddler, teaching right and wrong is easy. For example, it is right to say, “Thank you,” and wrong to hit someone else. As your child ages, though, ethics becomes more complicated. You must decide when to introduce your child to certain ethical dilemmas. A child may learn a view from a peer that contradicts your morals, and you must decide how to respond. Speak with your own parents or mentor figures and trust your conscience as you guide your growing child through these challenging discussions.

Caring for your child may become harder as he or she grows up, and you will have to make difficult decisions. Keep your love for your child at the center of all solutions to problems that arise, and trust yourself to make the right choice.