Science in Your Backyard: Learning Concepts by Observation

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Every season offers a unique perspective on the world around you. Ice crystals form in the winter, whereas busy insects crawl around with ease during the summer. If you’re a fan of science, there are concepts surrounding you with every step that you take. Discover science in your own backyard by employing these observation tips. The world is a wonder.

Using Your Listening Skills

Professional scientists use the power of observation for nearly every experiment. Each human sense is important. Listen to the world in your backyard. You might hear crickets chirping as they move around the foliage. Be aware of any far-off sounds too. A train passing by several miles away creates a unique sound referred to as the Doppler effect theory. The sound seems to change as the train passes by, but there’s actually no real change at the source. These observations are scientific and fascinating as you step outside of your front porch.

Discovering Caterpillars

During the spring and summer, caterpillars will munch on leaves throughout your yard. They’ll eventually turn into butterflies or moths. If you see a caterpillar, carefully pick it up and place it in a well-ventilated jar. Give it the same leaves that it was munching on as when you discovered it. Place a sturdy branch in the jar too. You should be able to see the metamorphosis occur with this setup. Release the butterfly or moth when it emerges from the cocoon.

Looking Upwards

Observing the night sky is always an amazing journey because each evening brings a new experience. Locate favorite stars or clusters by using a star guide or telescope. Watch for shooting stars or meteors that are caught in the Earth’s gravitational pull. Every patch of the night sky is an in-depth look at science, nature and history.

When you wonder about any phenomena in your backyard, be sure to look up your query through an online search. Asking questions about science is how new concepts are discovered. Be part of a scientific revolution by understanding little ideas every day. You never know where your queries will take you.