3 Reasons Why You Need Car Insurance

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The decision to buy car insurance is not a light one. Particularly for younger people and even more so for men, insurance premiums can be cost restrictive. However, insurance can often prove to be far better than its absence when it comes to the cost of car repairs. It might be time to fire up a search engine and start looking for “car insurance newark de” (or your own place of residence). Here are three reasons why you should probably protect your interests and purchase car insurance.

1. Car Accidents Are Very Common

Somewhere around 16,000 car crashes occur in the United States every day. The odds are discouragingly high that you will experience at least one (if not more) car accidents in your lifetime. Insurance exists to cover financial risks, and car crashes present a clearly highly probable one. Car insurance also protects you both when an accident is your fault and when it is not. Essentially, it is a win-win.

2. Not Everyone Has Car Insurance

This is simply a sad truth. About 1 in 8 drivers on the road (as of 2014 data) is not insured. This places the entire financial burden on you in the event of a crash that wasn’t your fault.

3. Car Repairs Are Expensive

Many people have been charged $2,000 for repairs or more for what seemed like simple fixes. Consider an example in which your insurance premium is $90 per month. In one year, that means you’ll spend $1,080 on insurance. If you were in a crash that required $2,000 in repairs, you just saved about $1,000, and that’s just on your property damage. Remember that your premiums go into more than just repairs.

All of the above does not even address the issue of injuries and associated medical costs. Car insurance can also offer significant financial protection in that regard, especially when the other party–if they were at fault–doesn’t have insurance of their own. Remember it can be highly beneficial to do your homework when selecting car insurance.