4 Ways to Use Promotional Signs to Promote Your Business

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The importance of using promotional signs for a business cannot be stressed enough. Making a good impression is vital, as many shoppers visit a store based solely on the attractiveness of the signage displayed outside of it.


Proper and effective signage promotes trust from repeat customers, attracts first-time patrons, and drives sales.


Ways to Promote Your Business with Signs


How should you use signs to promote your business? Here are four ways to use them to provide you with a competitive advantage and to increase your sales output.


  • People identify the brand of a company by its colors. Colors are very important for making a business stand out from competitors, and for garnering people’s attention. Image360’s blog mentions using a commanding color with contrasting shades to amplify brand awareness and to ensure that the brand’s message isn’t obscured.


  • Creating brand awareness shouldn’t be restricted to your building. Many industries can benefit from signs and banners that are designed to be displayed outside. Depending on your industry, lawn signs, portable signs or car door magnets can expose your brand to more people. A blogpost by SCORE recommends placing portable signs on busy sidewalks if you own a street-side business, or using lawn signs for businesses that are located in grassy, park areas.


  • FedEx remarks that decision-makers grade exhibitions as the most significant way for customers to review buying-related information. Maximize your brand’s presence at trade shows and at other large events with impressive banners and posters.


  • Reviewing your signage can be just as important as assessing and building upon your brand. Conduct research to determine if your promotional signs are drawing the attention that you want for your business. SCORE suggests freshening up your company’s look with new posters and banners for your interior if you’re not convinced that it’s time to design new exterior promotional signs.


Choose Best of Signs


Knowing effective ways to use signs to promote your business is important. Equally important is finding the right sign partner to create and deliver your customized signage orders.


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