How Your Business Can Implement Commercial Recycling

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For corporations, finding inexpensive ways to dispose of waste can be challenging given legal and ethical boundaries. Recycling provides a cleaner, greener alternative to simply trashing unusable equipment. In some cases, it can even result in some added cash on hand. Find out more below about how your business can benefit from partnering with commercial recycling services.


When company cars become too old to use or sell, consider sending them to a recycling plant instead of trashing them. At these plants, cars are scrapped for their parts, giving these materials a second life as opposed to rotting in a landfill. Many recycling plants will pay top dollar for junk cars Sussex County NJ, so these transactions meet both the profit incentive and the desire for positive public relations that businesses crave.


Outdated photocopiers, printers and fax machines can be given new life when stripped for parts at a recycling center. Nearly all parts of old computers, computer accessories and cell phones can be recovered for future use, saving landfills from potentially hazardous materials.

Large Equipment

Industrial refrigerators, air conditioner units and sealed units can be sent in for recycling as they are. Since they do not have to be taken apart beforehand, this requires less time and labor on your end. Other large items may not be readily accepted but can still be scrapped for their wiring and other materials.

Construction Materials

Construction and landscaping companies or commercial areas that have been recently renovated can recycle excess materials safely at a specialized recycling plant. These specific plants usually take lumber, fencing, brick, concrete and even tree stumps whereas general scrap yards may not.

When dealing with waste, it can be tempting to act with an “out of sight, out of mind” mantra, but the serious ramifications of these choices emerge regardless. Taking the time to haul materials to recycling plants can make your company greener and appear more ethical to consumers.