Job Opportunities for Welders

Welding can be a highly lucrative career choice, so long as you have what it takes to make it through trade school in order to become a certified welder. Welders need to pay close attention to detail to make sure that every job comes out just right. If you have already completed your welding training or are considering starting training, then check out these three lesser-known welding career options.

Plastic Welders

When most people think of welders, they automatically picture sparks flying from some metal item. However, metal isn’t the only thing that can be welded. Plastic welding is becoming more popular, as many companies use large plastic containers for a variety of reasons. However, nothing is made to last forever, so doing plastic welding repairs is a common task that needs to be done.

Underwater Welders

Underwater welding sounds like a career that is used as the punchline to a joke, rather than as a real career opportunity. However, it’s actually one of the better-paying welding career routes. This is because underwater welders need specialized training, including the AWS D3.6 welding certification. Underwater welders also need to pass a physical fitness exam and be comfortable using diving equipment. Most commonly, underwater welders will work on fixing pipelines or even work in shipyards for private companies or for the navy.

Metal Glass Welders

Metal glass welding is one of the newest types of welding jobs available. The process was discovered in 2019, so many welders do not know how to do it yet. Since it is so new, it still has a lot of room to grow. While it is not predictable how in-demand this welding career will be in the future, it is interesting to look into now.

If you want to become a welder or if you already are a welder and are looking for new welding opportunities, consider trying out one of these lesser-known types of welding. You never know if you’ll like it until you give it a shot!