Starting Your Own Dry Cleaning Business

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Service businesses are looking more attractive than ever. E-commerce has disrupted many parts of the fashion industry, but people will never send their clothes out of town to be dry cleaned. Here’s some things to consider if you’re considering a dry cleaning business.

Research Equipment and Software

Dry cleaning used to be done with a few pieces of equipment and a lot of smelly chemicals. Environmental considerations have made modern dry cleaners a lot more efficient. Consider a dry cleaning conveyor software system, which allows you to service customers from multiple retail locations with a central dry cleaning plant much more efficiently.

Consider a Different Marketing Strategy

Delivery services and other personalized touches are what will allow you to maximize your margins. The old mindset of people having to come to your store to drop off and pick up clothes is not necessarily as relevant in this age of Uber and Waitr. Look for ways to provide delivery and personalized services. Remembering your customers preferences is a key part of customer satisfaction, so make use of software solutions that make this easier.

Quality is Still King

Of course, the ultimate test of a dry cleaner is how well people feel you’ve treated their clothes. Breaking buttons, ironing in multiple creases in the wrong places, and returning clothes that are stained isn’t going to get you repeat business. Modern laundry and dry cleaning treatments should not leave clothes smelling terrible. There’s no excuse for scorching shirts, suits or dresses if you have the right equipment and are training people correctly.

Paying more than minimum wage may be a success factor. It’s sometimes surprising what a minor increase in base pay does for morale, attendance and decreased turnover. These factors lead to more qualified employees and more satisfied customers.

It’s up to you to put the service in a service business. Dry cleaning is a great option if you’re willing to put in the effort to satisfy demanding customers.