Three Things To Remember When Investing In Used Pallet Racking

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Companies with limited budgets for their warehousing operations don’t have to invest in pallet racking systems that are brand new. There are a number of high-quality options in used racking systems that are just as safe and reliable. In order to remain in compliance and get optimum value from these investments, however, businesses have to make truly informed, purchasing decisions. Following are three things to keep in mind when shopping for racking components that already have a history.

Choose A Reputable Supplier

While you might be tempted to pick up racking components from local company that operates within your niche, you cannot be sure about the history and overall viability of these products when dealing with private sellers. It is also vital to note that used systems must be fully inspected by licensed professionals who know what to look for in terms of past damage and all-around structural integrity. Working with a trusted supplier like Simply Rack, is therefore vital for making sure that your purchase is compliant, unlikely to cause injury, and capable of meeting your long-term needs. Companies like these only offer used systems that are damage-free, fully compliant with the latest safety regulations, and capable of providing the level of value that business owners expect.

Look For A Multi-Pronged Reconditioning Process

Even when used warehouse pallet racks have not sustained any significant damage from prior owners, these systems should still be fully reconditioned before being offered for sale. The reconditioning process should also be a multi-pronged effort that addresses both the integrity of the individual components and their overall aesthetics. Among some of the steps that a thorough reconditioning process might include are the removal of all surface markings and stickers, the replacement or repair of any damaged components, a thorough cleaning using the latest rust and residue removal technologies, and curing and painting among other things.

Professional Installation And Ongoing Maintenance

All worthwhile pallet rack suppliers will provide both installation services and ongoing maintenance. This way, companies can avoid the need to work with additional third-parties. Although used racking systems are sometimes capable of providing impressive savings, business owners should never sacrifice safety and the ability to comply with safety regulations by overlooking these important forms of support. Companies should additionally note that working with suppliers that can both install and maintain the products they offer is another highly effective strategy for limiting spending in this area.