Beauty and value behind granite kitchen countertops

Granite continues to be one of the most popular choices for the kitchen countertops because of its durability and beautiful vivid patterns. Granite is also resistant to heat, stains and abrasions which is why it is a first choice for almost all kitchen surfaces.

Granite is a natural stone which is quarried far below the earth’s surface, and it took it thousand years to make this stone. So it will truly stand the test of time. Hence, granite will offer you unrivaled beauty that no synthetic imitation can offer you.

While making a selection of business from which to buy new granite counters, you have to make sure that they are experienced and qualified in their field and take pride in their collection. They should also offer high quality granite from all over the world. Not only this, but they should also be willing to offer installation services and help you find grade, color and variety of edging finishing.

Following are to be considered while choosing appropriate granite:


The color of granite is one of the most distinguishable features. Dependent upon the stone’s mineralogy color of the granite ranges from mutes beiges and rose pink s, classic black and whites to saturate reds, rich greens and even muli-colored.

One can recognize granite by its striking flecked or pebbled appearance. Its texture is a sign of its quality. The varied characteristics and charming appearance is given to granite by natural sources which cannot be replicated by any machine. Hence, this makes it one of a kind.


Durability and longevity are two qualities which makes granite a preferable choice for kitchen countertops. However there are many finishes available for granite which enhances its quality and seal the performance. They are:

Polished finish: a shiny mirror like effect is given by this finish. In this finish, color and pattern are intensified adding even more sparkle to the stone. polishing reducing granite’s porosity which increases its resistance to humidity and chemical substance used in the kitchen. This is an ideal choice for busy families.

Honed: this finish shouldn’t be used as it makes the granite more porous. This is a technique which achieves smooth and non reflective surface.

Brushed/antiqued: in this treatment a textured, slightly worn appearance is achieved which gives a dramatic effect.

Flamed finishes: in this technique the granite is exposed to extreme heat which is later followed by intense cooling. This type of granite finish is good choice for families.


Granite is referred to as one of the hardest stones for interior application. It is nearly impossible to crack offering an impenetrable surface.

Its high resistance to heat makes it best choice for kitchen surface where cooking appliances and hot cookware can be used. Granite, whether with or without finish can be easily cleaned to remove the bacteria. It is also extremely tolerable of tea, coffee, citric acid alcohol and wine.

Another notable feature of granite is that it is almost impossible to stain. But regular advice should be taken from kitchen countertop vendor in order to enhance its resistance to staining.


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