5 Tips Building Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram is a well-known name in social media world. Nobody today is unaware of this giant family of users, which consists of more than 700 active users now. It is growing at such a tremendous pace; that people are using it, at their personal space as well as it is being used for business purposes too. People are promoting their brands and businesses through this platform. And obviously, with such massive growth, it is hard for any brand to ignore its power. It may sound complicated for some people to build up their brand on Instagram. But it is not as difficult as it may seem.

If you are searching for some assistance to build up your brand on Instagram, then you’ve just landed at the right place. Here I am going to share with you some actionable tips that can help you gain followers on Instagram fast and build up your brand on Instagram.

So, let’s get started!

Your Profile Matters!

The main thing when building up a brand on Instagram is your profile. First of all, make a business account that let you enjoy some feature for your business that a personal account doesn’t have, such as Instagram Analytics. Choose a name that is recognizable and can drive your targeted audience to your profile to see what you’ve got for them. Correctly fill up your profile. Add a bio that tells your viewers what your brand is all about, what you have to offer and what your brand is. In addition to this place a link/URL to your bio, so that your audience can directly link to your website or page.

Content Creation

Instagram is all a visual platform, where you attract people who can become your potential buyers through your content that you share. Share authentic content that belongs to you or your brand. Avoid posting just random content or content that is related to your personal life. If people visit your profile, they need to see your brand products/services, not your selfies, etc. build up your brand that is based on authenticity. Post high-quality photos/videos that deserve your followers’ time and that are related to your brand.

Another important point here to build up your brand is, also, to be very careful about the quality of your posts; you need to stick to your niche also. Post consistently about your brand to make your followers engaged with your brand actively.

Building Up Your Brand With #Hashtags

Hashtags are your best friends on Instagram if you know how to deal with them. Use Hashtags in captions on each and everything you post. It helps you gain search traffic on Instagram. These are the super easy way to gain followers on Instagram fast and help you build up your brand as it becomes visible to a larger audience.

The best trick here to promote and build up your brand is to create branded Hashtags, the hashtag of your brand. A branded hashtag is when people use your hashtag to stand a chance to get featured on your Instagram account. When more people are using your branded hashtag, you are automatically building up your brand to reach your targeted audience.

Reach out the Influencers

An influencer is the one who is more popular and has more authority and reach their followers and is related to your brand industry or niche of your brand. When you make contact with these influencers, you are attracting their followers to your brand. Ask your influencer to do a shout-out for your brand. Some influencers do these shout-outs free of cost, but some may cost you too. It depends on you how you want to build up your brand among your targeted audience. In any way reaching out influencers is the best way that helps you gain followers on Instagram fast and create your brand.

Engagement is the key

For everything that I’ve discussed the key to all points is engagement. The more your brand profile is engaging, the more it will reach its target audience. Try to reply to comments on your posts and start good conversations with your potential customers. But engagement doesn’t only means healthy conversations, and it includes making your followers share your content, comment/like on your posts, tagging their friends or even clicking on your call-to-action. For all of these types of engagement you can run contest, etc. Just don’t forget that engagement with your followers is the key to building up your brand on Instagram.

Above all were some points that would help you build up your brand on Instagram. Try to be classy, creative, interesting about your content and try to engage with your followers as much as you can and watch your brand grow at a fast pace.