How to Build Your Social Recruiting Strategy

We have come to a point where professional recruiters acknowledge the importance of social recruiting in their corporate hiring and human resource management strategy.


Experts in manpower consultancy consistently employ social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to advertise vacancies, communicate with potential candidates, screen via interaction,and hire employees.

Recruitment, per se has a paradigm shift from ‘what does the company offer us’ to ‘what can we offer the company.’ With this change in mindset, businesses are seeking to take a more central and active role in the process of recruitment.

In this article, we’ll discuss how a company can build its own social recruiting strategy.

  1. Establish your online presenceand reputation as an employer brand. Create and update your LinkedIn profile and company website. Emphasis should be on putting up a description that is reflective of your brand.
  2. Analyze your social media audience using Facebook business page for insights. Use the Facebook graph search and Advanced search feature to understand the demographics of your target audience, and then design a social media strategy with dedicated content.
  3. Online networking and interaction with live video streaming help you builds a good rapport. Participate in Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups to curate an audience of passive candidates. Although less effective, these are useful in relationship-based recruitments.
  4. Use correct Twitter Hashtags to help potential candidates find your message with ease. With brainstorming, research, and use of existing hashtags, optimize the message reach. Always remember to consistently analyze the results for effectiveness and take corrective action where required.
  5. Customized images and high-quality videos are an absolute necessity. Social media is all about what you see. There are many online tools like Snappa and Canva that help you create creative and unique banners, images, and videos.
  6. Post stories on Instagram to attract candidates. Let your employees be the voice of your employer brand. Share insights on your work culture, hiring procedure, and employee experiences. Create and research relevant Instagram hashtags.
  7. Social analysis of potential candidates. Identify candidates that fit in with the company’s culture and ethics.Distinguish passive candidates from active ones. Take a proactive approach to recruitment.
  8. Maximize engagement on social media posts. Post and repostat the time with peak online browsing traffic for maximum exposure. Use tools like Buffer and Schedule to create a schedule for posting. Identify trends in the likes, comments, and shares on posts to find a pattern that yields success.
  9. Involve existing employees to share your social media posts. Regularly recognize employee achievements. Share behind the scenes stories and images to provide authentic insights into your work culture that the potential candidates can connect with.
  10. Use blogs to educate and prepare potential candidates. Share links to resourceful content, address questions on your interview procedure, identify trending courses, and high paying skills that will give them an edge over the competition. Provide any positive and useful information to your readers. Maximize Google search hits and rankings by using keyword-based SEO tools.

Make sure notifications are turned on. Keep things simple and interesting. Interact with active and prompt responses to enquiries and comments. As specialists in the field of manpower consultancy, we urge you to always think about the content from the employee’s perspective for a successful social recruiting strategy.