Movavi Video Editor is your one-stop tool to create reverse effect in videos

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Are you looking forward to surprise your friends with some fun reverse antics on your recorded videos? It could be the great travel video that you shot on your last trip to Vegas and you wish to show it to your friends on the coming weekend party. But, how to reverse a video? Don’t fret- you won’t need to take a special editing course for that. All you will need here is a great video reverser software . Movavi Video Editor is the tool for you here which will enable you to create such cool effects in your video.

The post below offers a brief on how to create a reverse effect in your video with Movavi Video Editor.

Download & install

The first step is to download & install Movavi Video Editor in your computer.

Add videos

The next step is to add videos to the Movavi program window. To do that, go to Add Media Files tab & open up the video file that you wish to reverse. Select it and the video will be added to the Movavi Timeline located at the lower part of the software program window.

Apply the reverse effect

Now, we have reached the main part of our video reversal process as this is where we will be adding the reverse effect. So, first you will click on your video file placed on the Movavi Timeline. Next, you will click on cogwheel icon. The Tools tab will open up and from there you will have to select “Reverse” tab.

Save your video

Click on Save and the Movavi Video Editor will save the reversed video in seconds.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

  • Able to perform all kinds of editing functions like cropping out unwanted parts, adding new clips, rotating clips and so on.
  • Works with audio and images too
  • Comes with a great bundle of special effects, transitions, filters, titles and callouts
  • Able to convert videos in any format

Useful tip for users:

Do you want to share the reversed video with your friends? Well, then you have to check beforehand whether your friend’s system supports the version of your video file or not. If it doesn’t, you will have to convert the video in a broadly supported format before you send it to your friends. To do that, you will simply click on the Export tab. As you will click on it, a large list of video format will open before you. Choose your desired output format from the list and then type the folder path in Save to field. Then, just click on the Start tab. Movavi Video Editor will immediately convert the video and save it in the desired output format.