Addressing Common Problems Of Middle Age

The idea of middle age keeps getting pushed back, and that’s a good thing. We hear it fairly frequently these days: 40 is the new 30, 60 is the new 50, etc. In part this is because our life spans are extending at least marginally. But more than that it’s because medicine is helping people to stay healthy and active later into their life. The idea isn’t that 60 is the new midpoint of a human life. Rather, it’s that someone at age 60 in the 2010s might genuinely still feel young, and that’s a truly wonderful thing.

That said, however, there are some issues of middle age that most people still have to deal with at some point in the 40-60 range, no matter how healthy they might feel overall. We’ll take a look at some of those issues here, as well as how they can be handled.

Declining Eyesight

You don’t have to have a massive problem to notice that your eyes might be in slight decline. In fact, a lot of adults will swear that it was almost exactly at age 40 that they started having a little more trouble reading, or a little bit of difficulty seeing at long distances. This is perfectly normal, and nothing to be alarmed about so long as the changes aren’t particularly drastic. Fortunately, eye doctors have advanced their capabilities about as steadily and impressively as people in any branch of the health industry. Whether you’re dealing with general decline, a worsening condition, or even something more specific like early cataracts, there’s probably something that a specialist can do to get your vision back on track for years to come.

Facial Blemishes

This isn’t necessarily a health problem so much as a cosmetic one, but it’s something most of us deal with, again, as we cross over 40 and into middle age territory. It could be anything from heavier bags under the eyes, to forehead wrinkles, to deeper, more permanent freckles as a result of years of sun exposure. Whatever the case, this is not a hard problem to solve if it’s really bothering you. Yes, there are always options like botox and facelift surgeries for those who want to go all out, but if you’re looking for a simpler solution, the right cosmetic materials can easily help you mask a little bit of the age showing in your face. For men, too, the slightest touch can actually have a pretty significant effect, either on a day-to-day basis or for a special occasion.

Weight Gain

There’s not really anything about middle age that makes you start packing on extra pounds. But with metabolism waning even more, it can definitely get harder to lose weight if that’s your goal, and that means a lot of us wind up settling into a slightly heavier physique than we might have tolerated 10 years earlier. To some extent, it’s healthy to accept this. To put it bluntly, the human body declines over time, and you’re not going to look like an athlete your entire life. But this is also the simplest middle age problem to deal with: if you care about your fitness, fine-tune your diet, prioritize exercise, and stay disciplined.

Alcohol Dependency

This is a little bit of a darker subject, and it’s not something that everyone deals with in middle age. However, this can be a high-pressure time in life, between maintaining a job, saving for retirement, and potentially managing a marriage and sending kids off to college. There’s a lot to deal with, and it’s not uncommon for people to turn to alcohol more regularly to balance out the stress. If this does lead to a problem, the only real solution is to become fully aware of that problem. That can lead to therapy, treatment, AA meetings, and hopefully a gradual healing process. And if you’re just entering middle age, try to remember, there’s nothing wrong with a drink at the end of a long day. But becoming dependent on that drink is a bad sign.

There are plenty of other common issues we could discuss, but these cover some of the common ones. Hopefully you see that most of them can be dealt with fairly efficiently, which should only reinforce the idea that middle age can still feel pretty youthful these days!