Beat illness with seasonal fruits and veggies

Seasonal fruits and vegetables


Whether from a local store or growing them in your own backyard, fruits and veggies taste best when they are fresh. Each season comes up with a wide range of fruits and vegetables of fresh produce. So what are you waiting for? Start experimenting and try some new recipes. Go through a makeover, reworking on the old ones by incorporating them. Dig out the richness of the fresh veggies providing your plater a fresh look. Allow your body to cherish and get the feel of the timely fruits and vegetables maximizing its nutrients. With summer coming with mangoes’ and winter with the oranges’ is a retro statement for a generation, that has known to have all fruits and vegetables available throughout the year. Some of the varieties like potatoes, bananas are found throughout the year, but most are strictly seasonal in nature. They taste best when they are in time, as the freshness is stolen away when they are plucked in their immature stage, robbing their nutrients and benefits. Take the advantages of dwelling in such a country having abundance produce and increase your daily dose of nutrients. You can add more saving always while buying fruits, Veggies and grocery online with Godrej Natures Basket Offers today. So, What are the added advantages?



Farmers harvest a large number of crops growing in season, lowering the cost of production. As the production is locally done in the season itself, the transportation cost is lowered and storage in return not being passed onto the customers. But when we buy these crops or fruits that are out of the season, normally sourced from outside having a different climate it needs to be stored for longer periods so that they can be served all year round push up the price.


Overseas Contamination

When fruits and vegetables are grown overseas, we are usually unaware of the pesticides, and herbicides used for the harvesting. Many countries do not possess any strict laws against the chemicals being used up. Overseas harvesting may not regulate or test the various land condition ensuring the quality and texture. Lands having industrial area may inhibit a large number of heavy metals and toxic contamination. Recently in Australia, many people were infected consuming berries which are contaminated with Hepatitis A imported from China. The vegetables are sprayed with methyl bromide to withstand long periods of travel making haul trips in ships. But when in the season they are mostly in the sale and in a fresh condition allowing you to have in bulk and store in the freezer for later use and can rest assured about the source.


Better flavor

Freshly produced fruits and vegetables taste best when they are perfectly ripen. Nothing can beat the feeling when they are harvested at the right time and consumed when naturally ripened on the vine. People love experiencing the juicy mangoes and crispy pineapple in summer while enjoying the perfectly sweet oranges in winter. Due to transportation, it needs to be harvested early and refrigerated or needs to be heated in the hothouse to ripen, reducing the flavor changing the texture and taste.


Be creative

Exercise out the creativity in you. Try incorporating available fresh fruits in your new recipes. The initial excitement to make various dishes seeing the freshly grown vegetables and fruits in the local grocery stores can’t hold you back to make the cherry smoothies or grab some pickling cucumbers for some snacks drizzling lime over it. Incorporate them in your own way – simple or complex, ramp things up and create new experiences.


Be a part of the community

Move out to the farmer’s market and pile up on healthy produce. Its also known to be a great way to reach out to our local farmers helping and supporting them economically. Getting the farm to your table is not an easy task, but now these online markets make it easy for you providing you with the best quality organic harvest direct from the farm to your refrigerator. You can also explore ordering your fresh fruits based upon your choice with available Big Basket Offers Coupons Online today.


Though eating seasonal fruits supports local farming, less transportation cost, fewer preservatives being used, avoiding hothouses leading to long term benefits you’re your health. It is really important to note that it is not always possible to eat locally and seasonally for all of us all the time. So try to make the best possible decisions that prove to be the best for you, keeping in mind about your health and budget.