Concealing and Carrying in Comfort and Style

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When you want to conceal and carry in public, you do not want everyone to know about it. You want the element of surprise to be in your favor if or when you need to defend yourself with your weapon.

You may not want to wear a holster that everyone can see on your hip. You also do not want to carry your firearm in an unsafe manner like putting it in your purse or pocket. By wearing specially designed undercover clothes, you can conceal and carry in both comfort and style while out in public.

Stylish Shirts and Blouses

It is easy to assume that conceal and carry clothing is designed to look bulky and awkward when your weapon is holstered inside of it. You may envision yourself looking like a police officer wearing a Kevlar vest. You wonder how anyone can avoid knowing that you have a weapon on you.

In fact, the apparel is designed to look stylish and unassuming. It will not belie the fact that you have a gun holstered in your vest or blouse. Your shirt or blouse will look like any other that you can buy and wear out in public.

You can wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or slacks as well as skirts and shorts. You will look your best but always be ready to defend yourself if or when a threat presents itself to you.

Quick Access

The clothing is also designed to give you fast access to your holstered firearm. If you must defend yourself, you can draw your weapon quickly without it getting caught up on belt loops or seams in your shirt. You can get the edge on the other person drawing on you with this apparel.

Conceal and carry clothing can be the ideal apparel to keep in your wardrobe. You will always have a way to carry your weapon on you while you are out and about. You also avoid having to stash your firearm in your pocket or purse if you do not want to wear a holster.