Do It Yourself Landscaping

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When it comes to your yard, there are lots of opportunities for creativity. Perhaps you want a lot of trees, or maybe you are interested in featuring native plants. Here are a few ideas about how to successfully do your own landscaping.

Choose Your Plants

One of the most important choices you will make when landscaping your yard is deciding what plants to use. One way you can be sure your yard stays beautiful year round is by choosing plants native to your area. Many local nurseries will be able to provide you with information about which plants are optimized for your climate. Trees and shrubs are a great option. They can be just as beautiful as flowers, and remain lush throughout the year.

Incorporate Hardscaping

Hardscaping includes features such as walls, fences, and decks to add interest to your yard. Consider a nice fence separating your garden from the rest of your lawn. Decks and arbors provide a nice transition from inside your home to outside, and allow a place for you to relax and enjoy the hard work you put into your yard. If you are interested in adding gravel, sand, or a rock path, use a load finder to get the materials you need. Hardscaping greatly increases the beauty and interest of your landscaping plan.

Add a Water Feature

Another way to make your landscape plan more interesting is by adding a water feature. Water features add a soothing sound effect to your garden or lawn, and can add an additional gathering place for parties and get-togethers. Use natural materials and allow it to blend in with your existing plant structure.

Designing your own landscaping can be rewarding and can allow you to enjoy a lovely outdoor space adjacent to your home. Allow yourself to be inspired and consider these ideas in your own landscaping plans.