Dress for Your Zodiac Sign with This Style Guide

We’ve all indulged in the guilty pleasure of checking our horoscopes and forming opinions based on the zodiac sign. Well, what about fashion? Certain colors and gems do bring out our personality, fit in with our persona, and highlight our fashion aesthetic. With our style guide, you can be sure to minimize your wardrobe struggles and to embrace the fashion principles that are in sync with your zodiac sign, with unmatched élan.


This fire sign has an affinity for iconic staples but is also great at adapting and transitioning into sleek street-style looks. Their simplicity makes grey, white and black hues best suit their personality. Go for these for a classy look and pair them with bold accessories.


Taurus exudes a cool, collected aesthetic that is always fashion-forward yet earthy. Choose dark hues with splashes of vivid color. You can go with all kinds of fabrics, from luxurious silks to rugged leather in order to channel that stubborn, edgy nature.


People belonging to this Air sign have an innate air of mystery and uniqueness about them and are drawn to unconventional, avant-garde pieces. Since they are eclectic in their tastes and good at carrying off conventional stuff with a hint of quirkiness, wearing structured, flamboyant clothing is a good idea.


This Water sign is known to have the most over-dressy, unabashed and elevated style factor. Their best colors include coral, violet and gold. Since Cancerians typically rely on more than just their trendy appeal, they are advised to stick to clothes having a personality of their own.


People born under this powerful Fire sign are born to lead and are often seen in the spotlight, wearing statement pieces. They live for attention and dominance and this nature is reflected in their fashion aesthetic. We think Leos will look fabulous wearing body-hugging dresses for women, fierce animal prints, and gold jewelry, so perfectly in sync with their unapologetically flamboyant persona.


This Earth sign has an eclectic fashion sense. People born under this zodiac sign have an affinity for vintage clothing but can pull off any style if they so wish. Wearing muted earthy tones like brown, green and black with classic, tailored silhouettes for a flawless finish will fit in with their understated persona.


This Air sign’s style is much like the wind; it flows in any direction without a destination. Naturally graceful, Librans have an eccentric style and can mix and match sharply contrasting patterns like stripes and plaid and still manage to look incredible. Their quirky outfits scream fun and have a sense of contemporary charm.


This Earth sign is symbolic of the darker, mystical part of nature. Therefore, Scorpions are attracted to edgy, darker hues like Grey, black and navy blue. Wearing sensual, elegant pieces made of luxurious fabrics like silk will help bring their confidence and verve to the fore.


This Fire sign has a thirst for wanderlust and is the wildest of all the fire signs. Sagittarians will find solace in vibrant colors like orange and violet as well as breezy fabrics like chiffon. Like Librans, they too can pair bold patterns effortlessly and have a boho-chic vibe about them.


An Earth sign, their fashion sense is infused with natural elegance, helping them look grounded. While cozy sweaters and cardigans are in harmony with their tranquil temperament, they can carry off a scoop neckline or a bandaged dress with equal aplomb.


Women born under this air sign are just like the clouds – mysterious and unpredictable. Their style is experimental, rebellious and thrives on extremities. They need not stick to any particular style; both conventional stuff such as a lace inlay ladies’ gown in peach and bold outfits like playsuits in bright colours like fuchsia pink will suit Aquarian ladies.


Dreamy and idealistic by nature, Pisceans are drawn to teal, aquamarine and other such colours. Since their sense of personal style is not without a hint of timelessness, incorporating flowy silhouettes like A-line cuts and kaftans and soft fabrics such as lace and silk will perfectly bring out that femme fatale look.

With this curated guide, you can be sure of getting in touch with your true, inner personality and of winning the fashion game, hands down, with your signature style.