Five Outdoor Activities That Will Keep You Out Of The Sun

Spring time is here and everyone wants to enjoy some fresh air outdoors, but it can be difficult if you are sensitive to the sun’s harsh burning rays. Don’t be discouraged from participating in outdoor activities with your friends because of it as there are ways you can stay out of the harsh rays. Here are five outdoor activities you can enjoy out of the sun.

  1. Picnic Hosting a picnic in your yard is fun with a group of friends and family members. People have bonded over food and the great outdoors for centuries. The best part about this activity is that a picnic is stationary and always done under cool shade, whether if it’s under a shady awning or tree. Sitting down and enjoying food with your friends lets you swap stories and experiences while surrounded by the beauty of nature.


  1. Twister The classic game of Twister is a great way to stretch and exercise without being stuck in the hot sun. You don’t even need to have a set of the game to enjoy it. You can set down cutouts of colored dots or use temporary spray paint on your grass to play in any area with shade. Regardless of age, this game proves to be fun since its debut.


  1. Read a Book A lot of the activities on this list a fun and easy. They can be done in the comfort of a shady tree, but to get a consistent amount of shade, installing a deck with an awning goes a long way. Lawn awnings permit you to enjoy the outdoors while still remaining under the protection of cool shade. Reading your favorite book in the comfort of shade is a great pastime that allows you to enjoy that fresh spring air and has many benefits.


  1. Group Online Gaming Now it’s easier than ever to take your group of friends, get online and play whatever type of game your group may be into. Whether your group prefers to play classic arcade games trying to beat each other’s high scores or even get into fantasy sports gaming, there are countless options out there. Mobile phones have truly revolutionized the way we can game together, as it’s now even possible to start a daily fantasy sports challenge amongst your group of friends while you sit together and watch the game. It’s incredibly exciting and keeps everyone just that much more involved in the game!


  1. Water Balloon Fight This is a classic backyard outdoors activity. Water balloon fights are a great way to cool off, especially if they are done under some shade and away from the sun’s heat. The water can make it easier to get a sunburn, so this game is often completed under an awning. Playing the game this way will let you soak up the springtime heat and fresh air.

Don’t let your sensitivity to the sun limit what outdoor activities you can participate with your friends. Try out the ideas on this list for some great outdoor fun away from the sun. Consider installing an awning in your yard for extended activity opportunities out of the harsh sunlight.