3 Quick Remedies To Try When You’ve Been Struggling With Acne Breakouts

When it comes to skin issues, perhaps nothing is more frustrating than dealing with persistent breakouts that just don’t seem to go away no matter how many products you pile on your face. If you’re looking for a quick acne treatment that will actually be effective, there are several remedies you can try for relief.

1. Use a Soothing Sulfur Mask

While you’ve probably tried harsher ingredients for acne like benzoyl peroxide, you may not have heard of sulfur. However, sulfur can play a role in calming acne and evening out skin tone. Try doing a sulfur mask once a week for starters.

2. Don’t Touch Your Phone to Your Face

It’s all too easy to get on a phone call and touch your phone directly to your face without giving it a second thought, but your phone can surprisingly harbor a lot of germs that could be at the root of your breakouts. If you notice a lot of acne on your cheeks or jawlines, this could be part of the explanation. You can either put all your calls on speakerphone or disinfect your phone regularly.

3. Change Out Your Sheets and Pillowcases

This may come as something of a surprise, but not changing bed sheets and pillowcases can actually be a sneaky contributor to acne breakouts. This is because you tend to sweat and shed dead skin cells during the night, so not washing bed linens means they accumulate grime that can clog pores or irritate your skin. The quick fix here is to wash your sheets often and switch out pillowcases at least once a week, if not every day.

Having to handle constant breakouts when it feels like you’ve tried almost every solution can be hurtful to your self-esteem and be emotionally tiring. You don’t have to give up hope, however. The next time you find yourself struggling to treat your acne, consider giving one of these easy remedies a try. It could be the ideal treatment for your skin type!