3 Ways to Lose Weight Smarter

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Fad diets aren’t as popular as they used to be. Thanks to experts sharing their knowledge on social platforms, you no longer need a nutrition degree to understand how what you put in your body helps or hinders your weight loss efforts. This new media presence has shone a spotlight on the world of biomedical science, highlighting that merely eating well may not be enough to help you achieve your goals. Here are three ways you can support your weight loss activities to get the physique you desire.


Peptides are amino acids linked together by peptide bonds, and they tell your cells what to do. They’re used by many to support weight loss because they change how your body burns fat. Ryan Smith Lexington KY, a leader within the biomedical space and expert on peptides and proteins, says peptides encourage your body to use fat stores as its energy source instead of its preferred reserve: glucose. And because you use energy in everything you do – even sleeping – it means you’re burning fat constantly.


Protein helps you lose weight by not only increasing your satiety hormones and reducing your hunger hormones so you feel fuller for longer, but it can also help you burn calories faster by increasing your metabolism. Protein is an easy-to-find food source, but if you’re keen to up the amount of protein you take in, it’s best to add a protein supplement into your diet.

Calories In, Calories Out

You can’t go wrong with calorie counting. Simply by consuming fewer calories than you burn each day, you’re guaranteed to lose weight. Start by calculating your BMR (base metabolic rate – how many calories you’d burn if you laid in bed all day), and eat this many calories per day. All other movements you make will burn off more than you’ve eaten.

Losing weight is no good if you put it back on as soon as you’ve lost it. Try these three ideas today to lose weight and keep it off.