5 Ways To Keep Your Horse Healthy and Happy

Horses are extraordinary creatures with specific and distinctive physical and emotional needs. With almost human sensitivity, each of the four-legged animals has a unique personality and individual preferences, including a fondness for some people and an instant dislike for others. Even if you have been around horses your whole life, there may be some things you don’t know about the furry beasts. Here are five ways to keep your horse healthy and happy.

1. Movement

Horses need to run, play with other horses, and walk around while they graze the tall grasses and weeds. Movement is essential to the equine’s health, and it will keep them content as they move with others. Running side-by-side, the herd animals love playing together and kicking up their heels in delight. You can also encourage movement by providing running poles or equine jumps in an exercise yard.

2. Water

Water is essential to any horse’s health and happiness, and they can drink up to 18 gallons on a hot day. Water helps the blood flow during strenuous activities, but it also promotes digestion. If a horse becomes overheated, the liquid can cool them down and hydrate them. However, never let an overheated horse drink ice-cold water without supervision!

3. Boredom

When a horse gets bored, they get frustrated and become unhappy. Some animal psychologists and veterinarians believe that boredom leads to illnesses or inappropriate behavior. That means your equine friend needs toys, friends, and an area to play.

4. Social

Herd animals, such as the horse, need companionship to maintain their mental health. It is also crucial that young colts are around older animals to learn the group’s socialization. Whether it is time running with other beasts, or committing grooming actions, the herd has a social structure that the animals must maintain.

Horses can be your special friend for many years if you help them enjoy a healthy and happy life. Providing exercise, water, mental stimulation, and company can do just that.