Benefits of Non-Medical Homecare

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Typically, seniors prefer to remain at home rather than move to an assisted living facility. However, as time goes by, they may not be able to do basic housekeeping tasks, manage their medication, drive or remain independent with a personal hygiene routine. Adult children are either busy juggling a job and raising their family or live too far away to regularly assist their aging parent or parents. Non-medical homecare can step in to assist seniors and enable them to continue living in the comfort of their home.

Temporary Care

Your elderly parent may be doing fine living alone at home. They may be able to drive to the grocery store, doctor’s appointment and other local places until an injury or medical event occurs that restricts their independence. In-home, non-medical care can make it possible for your loved one to return home to recuperate even if they aren’t 100% independent. Non-medical caregivers can provide transportation, assist with housekeeping, meal preparation and tasks such as bathing or dressing. Non-medical caregivers can be hired on a temporary basis until your family member has recovered.

Levels of Care

Just because your loved one is experiencing some limitations, they don’t have to give up the comfort of home. When they remain at home, they are generally happier, their friends keep stopping by and they can continue enjoying the companionship of a pet they are emotionally attached to. You can set up non medical home care for seniors based on their current need. Assessments can be done and changes made to the caregiving plan if the situation changes. The services can start at a companionship level and increase to include transportation, personal care, doing the shopping for your loved one and various other non-medical services.

If your loved one is used to having non medical caregivers coming into their home, there’s a good chance they will be more accepting of nurses coming in if their health situation requires it. Living at home can have a positive impact on your loved one’s mental, emotional and physical health.