Choosing the Right Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

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Addiction to drugs and alcohol invites similar repercussions on people’s lives. It does not discriminate in the toll it takes on people’s health and how much damage it inflicts on their finances and personal relationships. It does not care if someone is rich and well-respected in the community or poor with few people who appear to care for him or her.

However, as much as effects of addiction can be the same for everyone, the underlying cause for why people abuse drugs or drink may differ. Because each addict is a unique individual, the services designed for one person may not be ideal for the next. With that, it makes sense that people would want some leeway in what hospital, holistic healing facility, or Addition Treatment Program in Indiana to go through in their quest for sobriety.

Available Options

A holistic healing facility, specialized hospital, and Bridges of Hope Recovery Program ideally will be able to offer individualized help for every patient who walks through the program’s door. Cookie cutter approaches to treating people in these situations may work at a surface level. However, when it comes to addressing the underlying causes for addiction and drinking, the program needs to go deeper beyond the initial symptoms and find out what is making the person want to abuse drugs and alcohol.

In that same respect, the addict may not want a one-size-fits-all service that may dry him or her out for a few weeks but leave him or her with a basic desire to keep drinking or using drugs. The patient may want a tailored program that treats him or her as an individual rather than a statistic or a number that is tallied up in the program’s record at the end of the year.

Further, some patients do not have the luxury of being able to check into a hospital, rehab center, or Addiction Treatment program in Indiana for weeks at a time. They may need to keep working in order to support their families. They also may not have the benefits to draw on to maintain their income while they get help.

With all of the aspects that must be considered, the program offers a number of different options when it comes to getting help with a substance addiction. People who want the more intensive approach may opt for inpatient services. They can check themselves into the facility and stay for as long as their insurance deems necessary to treat them.

If they prefer, they can also opt for the outpatient program. The outpatient program may have more specific boundaries in who can enter it, however. Someone with a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol or someone who is suicidal may need inpatient care. However, the outpatient services allow people to work during the day and then come to counseling and treatment during the afternoon or evening hours. The program allows people to maintain some semblance of their normal lives while getting help.

Addicts who are uncomfortable being around people of the opposite sex may prefer a women or men’s only program. They will go through group counseling and other services with people of the same gender. This uniformity may put them at ease and also help them feel comfortable sharing their addiction stories with others. They may feel like they are not being judged or otherwise scrutinized while getting help.

In other instances, addicts may need specialized medical recovery services to help them withdraw from illicit substances. Drugs like heroin and meth can be difficult to get out of the body’s systems. Patients who are addicted to these drugs may need to go through medical treatment that detoxes their bodies and also provides them with a safe and gentle way to wean themselves off of the substances. The facility offers this program for people who meet the criteria for it.

Details about all of the programs available to patients can be found on the facility’s website. People can sign up for information at no obligation or cost to them. They can also find out if their insurance is accepted and what type of financial help is offered to them if they do not have insurance.

Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol may demand that people get specialized care for their addictions. They may not respond as well to a uniform approach to sobriety. They need tailored services designed to meet their unique needs. They can choose the best program for them by doing their research on the facility’s website.