Finding Long-term Non-surgical Relief from Chronic Pain

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Living with chronic pain can be difficult or impossible. Everyday tasks like walking, lifting, or bending over can be overwhelming. You may find yourself taking over-the-counter or prescription medications just to experience a few hours’ worth of relief.

Rather than live your life in agony, you may be interested in going through non-surgical treatment that could offer long-term relief. By doing yoga, taking a pilates class, or going through physical therapy in Valrico, FL patients like you could improve the flexibility and strength of your body without going through surgery or relying on medications.

Putting Discs Back in Place

One of the main causes of chronic pain is a slipped disc. This cushiony part of your backbone may slip out when you are lifting something heavy. It can also slip out because of injuries or life experiences like childbirth.

Once the disc is out of place, it causes the nerves in the spine to be compressed by the bones in your spinal column. The nerves flare up and cause intense pain that makes it nearly impossible to walk, bend over, or even use the bathroom.

It used to be that people with slipped discs had to undergo surgery to remove and replace the discs. Now, however, surgery is becoming less common and being replaced by physical therapy.

The therapy helps maneuver the disc back into place. You may experience a popping sensation followed by immediate relief of your pain. Once the disc is back into place, you may find it easier to move and walk around again.

However, it can always slip out again, which is why you need physical therapy to strengthen your back. The exercises and maneuvers help keep your back in alignment and prevent the discs from slipping out of place again.

You can find out more about physical therapy for your back and other parts of your body by visiting the website of the practice. You can also use the patient resources to schedule an appointment and find out how to become a regular patient of the chiropractor today.