Generational Differences of Digital Natives

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As the digital natives enter the adult world, you may find that your offspring is living a very different life than the one you experienced. Just as you thought your own parents were behind the game and old fashioned, now the tables have turned. Here are only a few of the ways your generations are worlds apart and you now have become the obsolete one.

Repairing Instead of Replacing

You remember the days of using a pencil to twist the translucent brown tape back into the cassette when it snagged during your favorite song. Your Gen Zer shatters his screen and brings it to an iPhone repair Houston TX without even considering touching it himself.

Reading Maps Instead of GPS

Your first road trip was done with your father’s beat up atlas to plot the route and four individual state maps with points of interest you found in guidebooks highlighted along the way. Your teenager drops the destination into her smartphone and asks the device for the best restaurant recommendations in the city – although maybe she’ll read a blog for advice.

Comparing Prices Instead of One-Click Purchasing

You spent three days walking through every store in town during college, carefully marking in your notebook the price of bananas, laundry detergent, underwear, and beer so you knew where you could get the best deal, and clipped coupons in the Sunday paper. Your adolescent realizes he is out of cereal and taps on his tablet to have it delivered the next day.

As parent and child look at each other, bewildered, you may have to grapple with the fact your descendent speaks the language of the digital age fluently while you may have learned it much later in life. With patience and laughter, you may be able to bridge the gap and move forward together – and perhaps even teach one another a thing or two!