Phentermine and alcohol – a dangerous combination

Alcohol consumption is not entertained during phentermine weight loss cycle. Phentermine is a Schedule IV controlled substance which is identical to amphetamines, addictive in nature and might lead to overuse, abuse or overdose. Adipex is the brand name of phentermine, a prescription-only drug recommended for obesity for a short period of time under a strict medical supervision. Consuming alcohol during any weight loss supplement treatment might result with dangerous side effects. Phentermine causes serious ill effects for the users who take alcohol during the drug’ cycle.

Alcohol & Phentermine effects:

Generally, alcohol consumption for a longer period affects the entire body organs and systems. Especially when taking weight loss supplements like phentermine drinking alcohol induces too many side effects which may range from mild to severe. Alcohol as a standalone causes numerous effects on the brain. The effects may be short or long term based on the frequency of intake, type of alcohol consumed and the period of drinking history.

Consuming alcohol with the prescription phentermine drug will have a serious effect on Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular and Nervous system. Alcohol Adipex combination negatively reacts with each other and create a depressant effect on the CNS. Some of the Central Nervous system adverse effects due to Phen & alcohol combination are insomnia, euphoria, headache, anxiety, dizziness. Even the weight loss drug phentermine as a standalone may cause impaired focus, decreased mental awareness. That’s why usually doctors recommend the people, not to drive, do any risky work after consuming phentermine. Stay safe and do not drink alcohol while on Phen cycle. The FckFat site provides necessary and worthy information about all key weight loss supplements. If you are a fitness freak, then visit the site to get more information about your problem.

There will be a facade of chronic intoxication with such hunger suppressant drug, including insomnia, personality changes, hyperactivity, irritability, dermatoses. The most dangerous manifestation is psychosis which is clinically alike schizophrenia. Alcohol acts on gastric mucosa as an irritant, stimulates acids to release that increases the risk of gastrointestinal side effects say heartburn, vomiting, stomach discomfort and nausea. Combing phentermine and alcohol, even in small amounts mounts huge effects on the gastrointestinal system.

There are some symptoms noticed after the sudden termination of phentermine pills. The experienced symptoms are tremors, allergies, hallucinations, nervousness, extreme anger. These effects are typical for who take Phen with alcohol. Sometimes it might be irreversible. So, plan your treatment with Phen if and only if you can able to abstain from alcohol usage.

How to avoid Phentermine addiction?

You can escape from phentermine addiction if you follow the recommended dosage and do not abuse the drug. The doctors prescribe you the drug only for weight reduction purpose and you may face the minimal risks of taking worth. Stick on to phentermine cycle responsibly. Keep your drug with yourself to take it periodically. If you experience any ill side effects, please consult a doctor immediately. Browse FckFat website to know about the phentermine alcohol abuse, negative results and side effects.