Top Myths About Health and Wellness

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The world is full of medical professionals who are experts in their fields and understand the truth about the human body. However, the world is also full of loudmouths on the internet who like to perpetuate fake “facts” about health and wellness. If you want to be informed about how you can stay healthy and well, then consider these top myths about health and wellness. The next time you see one of them shared on social media, be sure to inform the sharer about the truth.

Myth One: If You’re Skinny, It Means You’re Completely Healthy

When it comes to health and wellness, looks can be deceiving. Just because a person is skinny doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re in perfect health. While a slender physique can often be the result of a healthy diet and fitness program, not every skinny person is healthy. In fact, many people are skinny specifically because of poor lifestyle choices, such as malnourishment or drug use. Furthermore, many people are relatively slender but carry weight around their midsection. This abdominal fat is often considered a “silent killer,” as a person will appear thin but is actually dangerously overweight where it matters the most.

Myth Two: There’s No Link Between Obesity and Illness

Our culture is trying to do away with dangerous advertising and media messages that tell young women and girls that they have to be very thin in order to be considered attractive. It’s good that society is trying to move away from these dangerous notions. However, just because it’s bad to be seriously underweight doesn’t mean that it’s okay to be obese. Obesity is linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. If you’re struggling with obesity, you should consult a physician and a nutritionist.

Myth Three: Most People Don’t Need Insurance

Many people erroneously think that only the very old, the very young or the chronically ill need health insurance. While it’s true that these people need medical intervention more than the average person, it’s a myth that some people don’t need insurance. Anyone can be the victim of an accident, injury or unforeseen circumstance. Without insurance, people can end up bankrupting themselves due to mounting medical bills. If you need an insurance plan, consider working with an independent insurance coordinator, such as Health Insurance Innovations. People like the Health Insurance Innovations professionals can help you to find a plan that’s within your budget.

Myth Four: Specific Food Groups Are Responsible For Most Health Problems

There’s a slew of documentaries and books out there that strive to attribute all of the world’s illnesses to one specific food group. Some say that we’re fat and sick because of sugar while others attribute it all to animal products. This leads to people going on dangerous elimination diets that are based solely on junk science. If you want to be healthy, you need to eat a low calorie diet that contains foods from all of the major food groups, including dairy, meat, bread and even a sparing amount of sugar. Elimination diets are unhealthy unless you are allergic to the food group in question.

The next time you see one of these pernicious health and wellness myths, be sure to correct the person spreading the misinformation. Lies about health put all of us at risk.