Times When a Rolling Kitchen Island Is Useful

A kitchen island can be an excellent addition to a kitchen because of the extra counter space and storage they provide. An island can hold a lot of items, which can make your kitchen space more functional. It can also add extra beauty to a space when you have places to hide the tools and equipment that are needed for cooking. Adding wheels to an island can provide even more benefits in certain homes.

Small Spaces

Adding industrial casters to the bottom of each leg on an island can create a mobile piece of furniture that can be the perfect accessory in a tiny kitchen. When the kitchen isn’t being used, you can roll the island against the wall or into another room, giving you plenty of space to walk through once again.


If you love to host gatherings for friends and family, a rolling kitchen island can be an excellent way to provide an additional surface to place food items on or to prepare larger amounts of food. You can roll it into place before the party starts, enjoy the extra functionality it provides and then put it away when it’s time to clean up.

Wine Storage

Have you become a lover of wine tasting? Keeping your wines fresh and accessible can be a challenge. A rolling kitchen island can be made with a built-in cooler, all of your wine glasses and the tools for opening your next bottle.

Coffee Cart

Are you a morning brew connoisseur? A small island on wheels can serve as your very own coffee cart. Keep your beans, fancy machines, mugs and spoons in one place at all times. Roll it out when the sun comes up to enjoy your favorite drink and then hide it for the rest of the day when it isn’t being used.

Just by adding wheels to the bottom of your kitchen island, you can add a huge variety of options for customizing your kitchen to your heart’s delight.