Putting in order your make up essentials

Separate the products

Your drawer space can be split into many sections, each section containing a variety of skin care products. Likewise your cart can be packed with little containers straight out of the kitchen aisle, bathroom and closet aisles. Such containers can be of different styles, sizes as well as shapes. Also, you can always make use of the trays present in your drawers to keep skin care and makeup products since trays can be cleaned with no trouble. Further, they boast of a soft coating and rubber feet which effectively prevents slippage as the drawer is opened.

Make the most of Modern Fashioned jars

You have options like vintage Mason Jars, candle jars and kitchen canisters with metal lids. You can put the jars away in a cupboard right under the sink. This way, even if you do not have counter space, you can get hold of your make up essentials easily. Many of us already employ glass jars for the sake of hoarding the likes of cotton pads, Q-tips and brushes!

Hang your hair essentials up

The heat styling appliances we got come with large and twisted cables. Thus it is wise to hang them on the back of the bathroom door. You can also hang up hairspray cans rather than striving to jostle them all somewhere in a closet or drawer. What say?

Arrange your nail paints keeping in mind their colour families

You may keep the eight-inch nail paints together or the four-inch ones side by side. Who can resist such a beautiful pattern? Now that we have done away with nail paint dedicate cupboard, we are all the more force to come up with such innovative solutions!

Organise your nail tools sensibly

Do you have some favourite nail paints? Or a nail treatment? Try to store nail tools, top coats and nail paint removers in different containers. These containers can then be kept at a place which is easy to access. Do keep them close at hand.

Keep different drawers for eyes, lips and cheeks

Keep your mascara, eyelash curler and eye liner in one drawer and keep your lipsticks, lip balms and glosses in another. When you have different drawers for different categories, you can easily find your stuff. For example, when lipsticks are lined up – you can make out their colours! It is that simple. Why do you not give it a try at least?

Make use of Counter top Clutter with Vanity Trays

Put a nice tray, containing your cleanser, lip balm, moisturizer, etc. in close proximity to your sinks. Point is, the tray should have your heavy used items. Now who is fond of random bottle spread out on the desk? If you are wondering what must be done with fractious articles like tweezers, hair elastic and nail files, I have an answer ready. You can allocate trays either on the counter or in cabinets in order to pile the fractious stuff. What do you think?

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