Revamping the Holiday Gift Tradition

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Holiday guides are always being updated with the latest gift trends. When each one offers more and more ideas, each better than the last, it is easy to get lost in what to buy. Why not take a different approach and give the gift of an experience?

An Adventure at Home

Sometimes the best gift is staying at home. What better way to spend the holidays than curled up with the person or people you love the most? For example, with Colorado gift baskets you can bring the elegance of a Rocky Mountain lodge into your living room. Start by turning off your phones, get the fireplace going, and sip some hot chocolate while snacking on some mountain-themed treats, all in the comfort of your home. Wherever you “go,” little touches such as unique foods and drinks or personalized sets help to transform your space into a luxurious vacation — making staying at home possibly the best gift of all.

An Experience Outside the Norm

From cooking classes to race car driving, new experiences are becoming increasingly easier to find. The question comes down to what matches your partner’s interests? Experience gifts can take place anywhere and meet any budget. To truly make the gift special, think about what the person likes to do and remember — a little effort goes a long way. For example, if the recipient loves excitement, paragliding is a great way to give a little adventure in the sky.

In the end, it is important to remember the details are what can make an experience gift truly special. Simply saying the gift is a stay-at-home mountain lodge experience without going through the steps to make it one is just staying at home. To make it work, plan it, prepare what will make it special, and make sure it is something the recipient would actually want to do.