Small Ways To Express Employee Appreciation

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You don’t need a special occasion to show your employees that their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. Hard work should be rewarded every single day, and here are some small gestures you can make to brighten the week for your exemplary staff.

Sweet Treats

There’s a point during the day when every person needs a snack to jumpstart his or her energy. Top the tables in the break room with cookie gift baskets for a delightful surprise. Neat presentation shows that you care enough to go the extra mile for your staff, and you’re sure to have plenty to go around to each hungry employee.

Gift Card Exchange

A well-thought-out gift card is a simple way of expressing gratitude, but something even more special you can do is organize a gift card exchange. Each person can choose a number, select a blank envelope and reveal the location of the gift card. The next in line might steal it or choose to open a new one. You can include a variety of options: coffeehouses, restaurants, movie theaters, bookstores etc.

Nice Breakfast

Take the morning and arrange for a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant. This gives your staff a chance to get out of the office during regular business hours and socialize with their coworkers. This might also be a good time to do a drawing or giveaway.

Achievement Recognition

When someone does a good job, it’s important to find a specific way of acknowledging it. This could be weekly or monthly emails that recognize the achievements of those who went above and beyond. You could also put up a bulletin board in the staff lounge and encourage employees to share stories about the superior work of their peers.

You can create a work environment that’s full of employee morale and positive energy. Throughout the year, find ways of appreciating those who do so much for your company.