The Modern Make Do and Mend

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase, “make do and mend” was a philosophy of making do with and repairing old clothes during rationing in World War II era Britain. The idea was to help with the war effort and preserve resources by fixing old clothes instead of buying new ones. You may think our modern era is light years away from the time of “make do and mend” but it can still help with many of our modern crises.


The last 75 years have seen an incredible surge in technology. Your grandparents could hardly have imagined how connected and technologically advanced the world is today. All that technology comes at a steep price, though. Electronic waste is a growing problem in the world today. Every time you replace your computer or phone, you’re only adding to that problem. Help save the planet by finding an iPhone watch repair Odessa TX or your area to help your tech last longer.


You can still help out by repairing your clothes. Much of today’s “fast fashion” is deliberately designed to fall apart after only a few seasons, and it’s mass produced so it probably won’t fit you all that well. Learning some basic tailoring and clothing repair skills will save you money and make you look better, but it will also keep your old clothes out of the landfill and reduce the world’s demand for sweatshops.

Home and Garden

Many people were already planting climate change victory gardens before the pandemic hit, but suddenly faced with potential supermarket shortages and a lot of free time, that movement went into high gear. You can also recycle and up-cycle old bottles, cans and jugs into new planters.

Countless things have changed since the end of World War II, but even in the age of online shopping, smartphones and coronavirus, you can still help out when you make do and mend.