The New Workplace

World events have changed the face of the workplace for the foreseeable future. Anyone who is currently working or looking to return to the workplace soon should remember to follow the most current guidelines set in place. Be prepared to bring masks and hand sanitizer along and use good social distancing practices.


One of the most obvious signs that things are different is that people are supposed to wear masks in enclosed spaces when with people outside of their own household. When trying masks out, find one that fits securely and comfortably. Anyone who must do a lot of speaking should test out their mask to make sure they can talk easily and be understood without any issues. N95 respirators curve to fit snugly around the face, while a flat mask is more flexible.

Hand Cleansing

One of the most important ways to keep healthy is by washing hands often. If it is not possible to wash hands frequently, then hand sanitizer can be used to kill germs. Keep hands clean by not touching things outside of the personal workspace or shaking hands with other people. It is especially important to wash hands before eating and not to touch the face since germs can enter through the eyes, mouth or nose.

Social Distancing

Following the recommendation to keep at least six feet of distance between other people can reduce the risk of disease transmission. A line or other marker placed on the floor indicating where people can stand or sit safely while maintaining distance is a good idea.

Without having a good structure set in place to keep people safe, workers may not be comfortable, making them unable to properly do their jobs. Managers and employees all have a responsibility to keep the workplace safe for everyone. Employees who wear masks, wash their hands frequently and social distance effectively keep themselves and those around them safer.