Tools To Help You Remove Pet Hair Struck In Furniture And Carpet


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It is impossible to prevent the shedding of pet hair. But you can definitely maintain the hygiene quotient of your household by cleaning the same in a hassle-free manner. Today we have discussed about some tools which can make your cleaning process faster and easier to achieve.

  • Pet Hair Vacuums

Top vacuum manufacturers such as Dyson, Bissell, and Hoover, etc. offer specialized gadgets which specialize in the removal of pet hair. Their price may vary according to the specifications which might be either hand Vacs designed to clean tight spaces or full-sized units carrying specialized tools. These vacuums come with powerful suction tools which are the best for your home in terms of removing hair and dirt from upholstery and carpets.

  • Rubber Squeegees

These act like a hair magnet to pet hair, which is trapped deep in the fibers of sofa cushions and carpets. Rubber has natural gripping properties, making the squeegees more effective when compared to other adhesives. You just need to repeat the strokes until you manage to gather all the hair in one place which can be vacuumed easily afterwards. In stark contrast to adhesives, it is gentle on fabrics and does not leave behind any residue.

  • Rubber Brooms

These brooms come with rubber bristles and a squeegee edge which makes it a great option to clean pet hair residue left both on bare floors and carpets. Compared to a standard squeegee, a rubber broom might prove to be more effective if you need to clean a deep pile carpet.

  • Rubber Gloves

The rubber gloves can grab and pull the tangled hair from furniture or carpet fibres. You need to make short and sweeping strokes to pile up all the hair in one place which can subsequently be vacuumed. It is advisable to opt for a glove having a textured surface compared to a smooth one as the small bumps in the former will help remove the hair more readily. Gloves can be the perfect option for cleaning hard to access areas. They can also work extremely well on vertical surfaces such as curtains or side of couches which cannot be easily vacuumed or swept.

  • Hairbrushes

If you are sulking at the very idea of breaking into your wallet for bringing home a pet hair cleaning tool, then you can alternatively opt for a plain hairbrush to pull out those embedded pet hairs from the carpet. All you need to have is a brush having stiff metal bristles and you are good to take over the cleaning drill like an absolute master. Use quick strokes while brushing in different directions as you clean staircases and other high traffic areas. However, their sharp bristles might have a damaging effect on furniture fabrics.

  • Carpet Rakes

They come with plastic or metal bristles which can penetrate deep down the carpet fibres for a full-throttle cleaning drill. Use short strokes while pressing down the rakes and pulling it towards you to collect pet hair in the bristles which have to be removed occasionally.

Both the shedding and removing of pet hair is just a fact of life for animal lovers. It is like one small inconvenience they are ready to accept for having adorable pets around. But paired with the tools discussed above, you can clean your house easily to spend more quality time with your four-legged buddies.