Breakthrough: How They Use State-of-the-Art Tech to Fight Mental Illness

You must have heard of Breakthrough which is an online therapy service that has achieved immense success during its launch back in 2009. Although they can be certainly deemed as one of those companies which have pioneered the entire industry, new therapy branded companies like Faithful Counseling and BetterHelp are still leading the pack. Hence the question is whether or not Breakthrough actually offers an immense service or whether they’re simply riding the coattails of being the a pioneer in the industry.

A little bit on the profile of the company

Just as the online therapy giants, Breakthrough is owned by MDLive, a popular telehealth company. What makes it important? For starters, let’s take a look at the board of directors who manage Breakthrough. The directors are a former CEO of Pepsi Cola and Apple, an ex-President of HJ Heinz, a managing director of Heritage Group. All these people are extremely talented, and thus you can expect the best from them no matter which product or service they touch.

Breakthrough provides a different level of video platform for the customers, widely considered to be the best online video platform for therapy. This is one of the biggest benefits that users get if they choose the Breakthrough platform. Moreover, it is not surprising that Breakthrough is offering online therapy to more than 40,000 customers every month, with more than 1,500 therapists working within the platform.

Signing up with Breakthrough

The process of signing up with a Breakthrough account is simple and straightforward. You are only required to provide your email, name, phone number and address, and then you will be led to the welcome page where you’ll find a message from a Breakthrough representative. This is when you will realize another benefit of using Breakthrough. You’re allowed to move through therapists by location, and to see what their specialties are. As you choose the therapist, you can set the time of appointment. Moreover, you can see which therapist works with which insurance. In fact, Breakthrough is the only major online therapy service to work with major insurance companies. Other companies like Betterhelp do not work with insurance companies. Though relatively cheap, all costs come out of your own pocket if you were to use Betterhelp. With Breakthrough and depending on your insurance plan, you can pay as little as $10 per therapy session.

With the on-screen calendar, you can choose a time and date which is perfect for you. When you confirm the time, log into the account and you’ll be able to use their platform through chat or video chat via the Breakthrough mobile app. In short, this is certainly one of the easiest platforms that you’ll come across.

Breakthrough provides a state of the art technological platform which makes several online therapy services envious. They have an 80% success rate and they offer real effective counseling. Even though companies like Betterhelp and even Talkspace have a bigger name, Breakthrough may take the cake.