You Don’t Have to Feel Helpless When Your Loved One is Arrested

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When your loved one is charged with a crime, they will be arrested and held in jail until the judge can set the appropriate bail. This can leave you feeling as though there’s nothing you can do to help them. While there’s no way to help them avoid the initial arrest, you can help get them released by arranging for the payment of bail. Even though bail can require a great deal of money, making use of a Wyoming County bail bonds service can help you pay that amount.

The amount that the court requires for bail will largely depend on the charges against your loved one. While a judge will usually set a lower bail for a misdemeanor charge than a felony, even the bail on a misdemeanor can be more than you have on hand. By paying just a percentage of that amount to the bail bonds service, you can arrange for your loved one’s release. A bail bonds service is similar to other types of lenders except that they specialize in loaning money to be used for bail.

Since they know they will get their money back as soon as the defendant shows up for his trial, the bail bonds service will post the full bail amount for you. They keep the fee you pay upfront as their payment, so, once the bail money is returned to them, they consider the transaction complete. Depending on your credit and the amount requested for bail, you may also be asked to offer real estate or other valuable property as collateral. As long as the defendant shows up to court, your property will be returned into your possession.

This is an invaluable service that helps many people arrange for their bail. This will allow your loved one to return home and spend time with family until his or her court date arrives. Additionally, it gives them the freedom to search for an attorney and gather evidence for their defense. Without bail, the defendant would have to sit in jail and wouldn’t be able to participate in preparing a good defense.