All About Hiring A Home Contractor For Renovation/Remodeling Projects

When you think of remodelling or renovating your home, make sure to do it properly. After all, this is the place where you spend most of your time and remember, home is where the heart is. The heart will definitely more inclined towards a place that looks nice. Remodelling your house is a task that is going to take up a lot of your time and effort. It is also something that you will probably only do once in a while.

While you may have your list of ideas, designs, interior decoration, or even the budget all set, you may face problems when it comes to hiring a home contractor. Listed below are a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re looking for the right person to give your home a new look.

  1. Get Recommendations- the first thing you should do is take the opinions of those who have recently gotten a renovation or remodelling job done. They will definitely have done a lot of research before hiring a contractor and will have feedback on how the hired person worked
  2. Call Each One- Once you have a list of all the previously hired contractors, make sure to sort them according to the best recommendations. Once you have a select list, start calling them. Make sure you call each home contractor and ask all the questions you have about their services.
  3. Look at Credentials- the next thing you should do is look at the past projects of the shortlisted contractor and observe it to see if the work quality is up to your standard. This will also give you an insight into the work ethic of the contractor and whether or not you can expect your work to be completed well and on time.
  4. Write the Contract- it is important to have a written contract when it comes to important work like renovation and remodelling. Your selected home contractor will usually be able to provide you with one before starting work. Make sure to go through all the clauses and points of the contract and make changes as you see fit especially in areas of the schedule, deadline, and payment. Listed below are a few details that you should definitely take care of in your contract-
  • Bid price and schedule of payment
  • Work specific details
  • The site plan that will be worked on
  • A schedule made in order of primary tasks that need to be constructed in order
  • A change-order clause
  • A proper, written, procedural list for close-out
  • An express limited warranty
  • A clause that states what to do in case of a dispute
  • A waiver of lien- this is of extreme importance as this will disallow subcontractors as well as your suppliers from putting a line on your house if their bills are not paid by the contractor
  1. Set a Payment Schedule- as already mentioned above, the schedule of payment is an important detail that should be mentioned in the contract. This is usually decided with both parties agreeing on a compromise of what they both want. This is an important step so that future disagreements can be avoided when it comes to the entire process especially in later stages of the renovation