The Skills and Training You Need to Become a Fire Investigator

If you have the dream of becoming an arson investigator, you must know that taking up a job as a fire investigator is no fools play. Taking up a job as an arson investigator, entitles you to ten more jobs. You need to remember that, you also need to fulfill those jobs, in order to become a good arson investigator. Being an arson investigator, you are expected to travel different fire sites and investigate based on their merit.

An arson investigator not only has to look at the crime scene, but one of his main duties is to find out how the mishap happened. And, yes, if you want to be an arson investigator, then that’s your job profile. You need to find out why and what happened at the crime scene, and deduce if the fire was intentional or just an accident. Sometimes, in this job, you will not have any backups, and you need to take your own testimonies, collect your evidences, and then you need to submit them to the law enforcement agencies. Therefore, if you are lazy, then you might want to consider a different career choice.

After learning all these, if you are still interested in going through, to become an arson investigator, then you also need to go through a few skills and training to become a pro in it. You also need to qualify in some tests to be an investigator. Below are some of the things that you need to attain in order to be an arson investigator.

  • You need to be proficient in handling electrical systems. You need to have a wide knowledge on electrical engineering to do that. It is really very tough for someone to find out the exact cause of fire, without knowing the electrical this and that. Therefore, if you really want to be an arson investigator, you can take up an electrical short course, or go for engineering too.
  • Mechanical engineering knowledge will also help you a lot in arson investigation. When, you are investigating a scene, restructuring the whole scenario, and imagining how it used to be, before the place caught fire, will also help you greatly in investigation.
  • Now, an arson investigator should also have knowledge about how a building is made, and how the structure actually works. If you know the tit-bits of house construction, then it’s a big advantage, since, you will know that if the fire is caused by any discrepancy in the construction of the house.

But, before actually becoming a fire investigator, you need to first take a course on firefighting. After, that you also need to attend a fire training academy somewhere, and then get good marks and decent grades to get absorbed in a good arson investigator company.

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