Deepwater Operations Support Companies Play a Critical Role in a Growing Industry

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When most people think of the difficult and dangerous work of pulling the world’s minerals from the ocean floor, they think of big oil and gas companies. This is fair, of course. The big players in the industry have been consistently in the news. Their work has allowed industries to move forward. Entire cities depend in some ways on the hard work of these big companies. What most people do not know, however, is that the big companies depend on support companies to help them do what they do best. This is where the industry truly gets things done.

The reality is that offshore Gulf of Mexico completions cannot be done alone. The work is too hard, there are too many specialized functions and there is too much expertise that is needed. This is why the biggest, most successful companies in the world are often working with specific partners to come up with answers to big problems. These support companies provide a series of functions. Some provide clean-up services. Others provide staffing. Others are involved in making sure that society at large is protected.

Offshore and deepwater drilling can often bring into play some dangerous situations. All people have seen the big oil spill news that happens every decade or so. The goal of every company that is harvesting these minerals is to avoid situations of this nature. These days, the best companies know they cannot do it alone. That is why they go out and hire support companies that have specific expertise in the area of safety. These companies have tools of the trade they use to ensure safety. They also do testing to ensure that everything is in order. The movement toward using these expert companies has come along with the focus on corporate social responsibility. The big oil and gas companies know today that they have to be more than just harvesters. They also have to be good protectors of the environment they use.

In addition to just using the safety services and third parties to avoid environmental disasters, these companies are also working hard to protect the health of their workers. Toxic tort lawsuits can be expensive, which gives the big companies an incentive to do the right thing. It is truly more than that, though. They also want to care about their people. The biggest companies are using services like those offered by PRT Offshore to ensure that when their workers go out on those rigs, they have a great chance of coming home without injuries. It’s the new way forward in the industry, driving the actions of the world’s best companies.