How to Prepare for an Aerial Crew

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When an aerial crew needs to use bucket trucks in a residential area to repair lines or to trim limbs and branches, a homeowner must take practical steps to prepare the property for the service. The preparation objectives will vary depending on the length of a job. However, a typical property owner can make a short or long job easier for a crew by implementing a few practical prep procedures.

Move Vehicles

If you’re going to host a party on the same day that you’ll get aerial services, you should dedicate a spot on your property for the guests’ vehicles. No one should park a vehicle on the side of the road because the aerial workers may need to park in this location in order to reach branches or lines that hang over the street.

Secure Pets

Small dogs and cats can easily roam underneath a bucket truck while it’s parked on the edge of the road. Also, since cats are curious climbers, they may try to jump on a bucket truck in order to climb the shaft. This is why you should keep your cats and dogs indoors or in a secure location until a technician drives the bucket truck off your property.

Run Errands in Advance

In most neighborhoods, poles and trees are positioned very close to a driveway. If your property has this layout, you should run errands before a technician starts an aerial job if you think that the truck will block access to the street. After the technician parks the truck and elevates into the air, he or she may not move the vehicle until the job is complete.

If you prepare for an aerial maintenance crew, you’ll help the technicians complete their tasks more effectively and efficiently. These strategies benefit workers who drive new or preowned bucket trucks.