”Rhinoplasty commonly known as a nose job is a procedure that addresses the aesthetics of the nose as well as the function of the nose. The name comes from two Greek words rhino and plasty which mean nose and to mold or shape respectively. Addressing the aesthetics of the nose includes reshaping the size, the tip and also an exaggerated hump I case of any. While addressing the function of the nose includes improving breathing from each nostril and taking care of deviated septum.

Most people come for reduction rhinoplasty when they have a larger sized nose or when they have a dorsal hump or a bump on their nose. While the other form of rhinoplasty is augmentation rhinoplasty where the size of the nose is made bigger by molding the dimensions. Many people seek a secondary procedure after feeling disappointed with the first one. Hence it’s very important for you to choose your surgeon very wisely if you want the best results in the very first attempt. An ideal surgeon should not only have technical expertise and experience but should also possess but an aesthetic sense as well.

It should not be assumed that everyone seeking a nose job is doing it for cosmetic reasons, it should also be assumed that a cosmetic rhinoplasty will atleast preserve your good breathing if not improve your poor breathing. You should discuss it with your surgeon during the consultation and ensure that he or she has the technical know-how to preserve or improve passage of air through your nose while still making it visually appealing.

The definition of a perfect nose is one that appears natural and symmetrical on the face. Just because you like a particular size or shape it does not mean or guarantee that it will look good on your face. A good surgeon will help you understand the limitations of surgery and the ideal nose shape and size that gives a natural and attractive appearance on your face.

Final results can take upto a year to become apparent. The recovery period for the nasal surgery can last upto certain weeks after which the swelling would disappear. However some of it may last upto a year depending on the patient. In such cases it’s advisable to wait for a year and decide if you are happy and satisfied with the results or not Rhinoplasty is more common than you think. After breast augmentation, nose reshaping surgery is the second most popular cosmetic surgery. Hundreds of men and women over the age of 18 get a use job every year in the US and Canada. There is minimal or no scarring with nasal surgery unlike other cosmetic surgery procedures there o scars with a closed rhinoplasty surgery. With an open surgery there may be a small virtually invisible scar between the nostrils.