Air Compressor Troubleshooting Tips

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No matter how well made an air compressor is when it malfunctions it can present a whole hose of problems. To help you solve these problems and get that air compressor back up and running as quickly as possible, here are some troubleshooting tips to use when things go haywire.

1. When the point of use has no pressure, it could be due to a leak in the piping that is on the compressor. It could also be due to clogged Donaldson compressed air filters which may need to be replaced with new ones. This can happen from time to time but can also happen often when the air being used is impure.

2. If there is water in the condenser lines, this can present a significant problem. Luckily, the fix is rather easy. To repair this problem, the condensate trap should be cleaned and repaired. It should also be replaced if necessary. One problem could also be the dryer not working correctly. This can be a problem with older compressors or those compressors who are under the stress of high-duty work.

3. If the compressor seems to be running at an elevated temperature, or “running hot”, then there is definitely a problem with the filter. This means that the Donaldson compressed air filters will either need to be cleaned or replaced entirely. This is a relatively easy job and can be done very quickly with little labor involved.

As you can see, with most problems that may come into play with the air compressor, they are easily fixable and not something that should be worried about too much. MOst issues are just a matter of common sense and can be fixed with no trained help. However, if it makes you feel more comfortable, then, by all means, call in the professionals to get the job done.