How to Capture a HD Screencast with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

HD screencast video is captured by using screen recorder software. It is not recommended that you use the freeware offered at the software download site. It is better to purchase it because the paid version will offer all the functionalities you need for capturing a high definition screencast video. Movavi HD screen recorder offers all the necessary features for making your screencast video.

You don’t have to access any menu to bring up the cross hair cursor. It will appear when you launch the software. When you hover over the crosshair cursor to a window, it will automatically select it. You can also select one of the presets in the drop down menu when selecting the recording area.

After selecting the area of the screen to record, it is time to configure the screen recording settings. Most of the settings can be configured through the small control panel. The small control panel can be minimized and hidden in the taskbar during recording. All important features that you use most of the time can be found on the control panel.

You can enable microphone, speakers and webcam from the control panel. If you are worry that the sound is soft during recording, you can drag up the volume slider to increase the volume level. The volume slider is located just beside the microphone and speaker feature.

When you hit the REC button, it will start the countdown timer that lasts for 5 seconds. Another way to initiate the recording session is to press the F10 key. After 5 seconds, you can start to do what you want to do on the screen. It will record everything that is seen on the screen for example movement of cursor, chat sessions or movie that is playing on an online video sharing site.

As it records, you can see more time is elapsed and more disk space is calculated. It is best to keep the screencast short. Ideally, it should just last for a few minutes. If you record too long, it may take up a lot of space on your hard drive. You can always pause the recording whenever you need to walk away. To pause the recording, you must bring up the control panel and press the Pause button. Alternatively, you can press F9.

When you are done recording, you just have to press the stop button and it will take you to another screen where you can crop off the unwanted parts by moving the triangle markers. The clips outside of the triangle markers will not be saved. At the bottom, you can see the estimated file size.

If you want to compress it, you can drag the quality slider towards the left to reduce the resolution. The lesser the resolution, the more blur the video will be and the smaller the file size will be. If you want to perform more edits on the screencast video, you can click the Edit button on the top right and edit it in the video editor. Finally, when you are done editing it, you can select the drop down menu and save it in the preferred format. You have the option of uploading it to other social media sites to share it. You can also check the Add to iTunes option to add it to iTunes.