Four Must-Have Accessories for Your Two-Way Radio

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Face Plate

This might seem like a no-brainer to the experienced users of two-way radios, but your primary concern for your device should first and foremost be its safety. A face plate is a simple and affordable method of protecting your radio from external damage such as drops or falls, and most are designed to easily snap on or off if you wish to change it. Different colors can also allow you to add a little character to your device.

Spare Battery

Another obvious accessory, a spare battery is always handy to have around, and it does not hurt to have even more than one. Many are designed to work with previous models, so if you own one motorola t7200 radio but two of the earlier models, the battery you choose will still work with all of them. At least one spare battery per device is recommended, but again, even more would still be wise.

Headset with Microphone

Depending on the situation, sometimes your hands might be a little too busy to actually hold your radio. Perhaps you are too busy climbing a mountain, or you work in an environment requiring you to always keep both of your hands free and ready. Whatever the case may be, a headset with a microphone is the best answer for maintaining a hands-free conversation. There are multiple styles of microphones available to choose, and most headsets are also noise-canceling, but always pick the pair that best suits your needs.


Lastly, a holster is ideal for both your convenience and your radio’s protection. It can free up your pockets, provide you easier access to the buttons on your device, and allow you to position your radio wherever it is most comfortable to you. Most importantly, it prevents any damage that might have otherwise been done to your equipment if it had been placed in your pocket, such as a bent antennae or damaged cords.