Frequently Asked Questions about Magnetic Stirring Systems

Are you new to the world of magnetic stirring systems but interested in learning more? If so, here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about these devices.

What is a magnetic stirring system?

A magnetic stirrer, such as mixdrive, uses a rotating magnetic field to force a stir bar to rapidly spin, which stirs whatever liquid you may be working with at the time. They are quiet, durable, and efficient.

How do magnetic stirring systems work? 

Today’s stirrers primarily function by rotating magnets via an electric motor. This type of equipment is one of the simplest to prepare mixtures. The magnetic bars in these systems are usually coated with Teflon® or glass, so they don’t contaminate or react when they are immersed in a system. The size of magnetic stirrers can vary from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.

What are magnetic stirring systems used to stir? 

Magnetic stirring systems are often used in chemistry and biology because they can stir closed systems without the need for isolation, and they can remain on for long periods if necessary. They also allow you to stir items that you may be working with.

What are the benefits of magnetic stirring systems?

Thanks to their size, stir bars in these systems can be easily cleaned and sterilized than devices such as stirring rods. Magnetic stirrers are also quiet, durable, and efficient. In addition, they have no external parts, which decreases the chance of breakage or damage.