Importance of automotive filter change

It is a universal fact that we, humans need clean air to breathe in order to live. Not only humans but vehicles also need clean air to breathe to ensure their survival. Air filters fitted inside auto vehicles do the same thing lungs do for us, i.e. carry on the breathing process. After sometime air filters begin to accumulate huge amount of dirt, debris and other airborne particles, it leads to decrease in their quality along with function. Hence, it becomes crucial to have a routine inspection and change in the air filters, in order to elongate its life.

Air filters

The first line of defense in your car against irritating and obstructive air borne contaminants is the air filters. Some of the examples of airborne contaminants that have the ability to obstruct the quality and performance of the engine are dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria etc. According to a popular survey by community car there is a 1 in 5 chance that your car needs an immediate filter change. This is the most overlooked need of the car by the driver, which can be solved only by awareness.

Engine damage

Air borne contaminants not only obstruct the quality of air filters but also have a powerful impact on engine and in a negative way. Everything from pistons, cylinders, cylinder walls, to piston rings and bearings are just a few examples of areas of car engine that can lose the quality of their performance due to clogged air filters. Over the time, neglecting to change them can damage the engine by serious engine malfunctions and breakdown which can be very costly.

Cabin filters

Everybody wants to breathe clean and fresh air that smells good. Hence, it is necessary that you change your air filters on regular periodic basis without any undue delay. Once air filters start to become clogged with air contaminants, they slowly begin to lose the efficiency to do their job. Over the time when they get fully clogged, you can suffer fair annoying consequences such as coughing, musty smells, irritation in the eyes, sore throat, tightening of the chest, etc. Therefore, changing of the air filters is a necessary task which helps in keeping the interior of the car’s environment fresh and easy to breathe.

Increased fuel efficiency

One of the biggest reasons to change your air filters is that it increases your fuel efficiency. Studies have shown that replacing a dirty air filter increases fuel mileage on older, carbureted cars by as much as 14 percent if the filter is so dirty it affects the drive ability. In addition changing a clogged air filter can potentially increase acceleration by 6 to 11 percent on modern fuel injected cars.


Factory scheduled maintenance given by manufacturer in the vehicle’s owner manual should be referred for proper maintenance of the car. The general rule of thumb is that you should air your air filters every time without any failure whenever you take your car for an oil change. Infact believe it or not many a times it is a part of the oil change packages.

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